Tour through Bundesfachschule in Maintal

Bundesfachschule in Maintal near Franfurt
Main entrance

Class rooms

Six classrooms
air conditioned
equipped with modern presentation technology

Conference room

Large conference room
for seminars
and graduation ceremonies

Seminar room

Creative working atmosphere
and goal-orientated work in small groups

Refrigeration workshop

Bundesfachschule Kälte-Klima-Technik
has two refrigeration workshops with 16 work stations each.
In the workshops our students learn to install refrigeration units with cold rooms and put the installations into operation.

Mechanical workshop

Various metalworking methods and joining techniques
for piping constructions are taught and practised
in the mechanical workshop at 16 work stations.

Refrigeration laboratory

In our refrigeration laboratory equipped with 16 work stations
components are connected with flexible pipes.
Then the units are put into operation and typical refrigeration data are recorded and evaluated.

Electrical engineering laboratory

In the electrical engineering laboratory
resistance and control power circuits for typical refrigeration applications
can be installed and tested.

Ventilation laboratory

The focus of the work in the ventilation laboratory
is on simulating practice-oriented solutions
using a central AC system with an air distribution system and air outlets.

Test laboratory

In this laboratory various model units
and work stations ranging from air liquefacation
of a two-stage refrigeration plant
to a transcritical CO2 plant are installed for test purposes.

Boarding school

Our students' residence
offers 123
comfortable modern rooms at moderate prices.