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Master Craftsperson Training

Master Craftsman in Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Technology

 The crowning glory of training in the craft is to train as a master craftsman in the refrigeration and air conditioning industry.

As a master craftsman you will be able to head a department in a larger company, train apprentices or take the plunge into self-employment.

You will assume responsibility for technical and economic decisions and pass on your knowledge and experience to the next generation.

For this reason, Bundesfachschule Kälte-Klima-Technik not only focuses on the practical and technical aspects of your profession but also on interpersonal skills for the multi-layered tasks a master craftsman has to perform.

In our school we will equip you with precisely the skills and qualifications you need to face the challenges of today’s world of work.

 Taking into account the flexibility required in the world of employment, Bundesfachschule Kälte-Klima-Technik offers the master craftsman training in three different forms:

Master craftsperson training - part I to  IV in Maintal / full-time over 1 year

Master craftsperson training - parts I and II in Maintal / part-time on Fridays and     Saturdays over 2 years

Master craftsperson Training - parts I and II in Harztor and Leonberg in blocks of several weeks over 1,5 years